Research and Development Services

R&D services and testing facilities are of primary need to create new product opportunities based out of scientific discoveries and translational research. However, number of laboratories held by private organizations with international standard facilities and experts, is minimal in the state of West Bengal as well as in Eastern India. A lot of scientific testing for academic institutions and industries are offloaded to Western and Northern India. To mitigate the GAP, there is always requirement for international standard laboratory. This mounts to the high demand for proper testing and process validation lab test in the scientific and industrial sector. This facility can also cater to skill development for individuals interested in R&D activities or entrepreneurship.

Rigel provides an integrated laboratory having the following components:

  • 1. NABL accredited testing laboratory – routine testing for daily earning
  • 2. Biotechnology R&D lab for pilot scale simulation test run – product/ process innovation with potential for patent and high end revenue.
  • 3. Development for nano molecules for Pharma Industries – continual moderate to high revenue generation
  • 4. Training programs to produce industry ready manpower – moderate revenue but high client rapport.